Squeeze more out of your affiliates, and turn good customers into great promoters with jvJuice (short for joint venture, that is.)

jvJuice is a software plugin we created that enhances your Infusionsoft-powered affiliate marketing center. With all the right ingredients, jvJuice makes joint venture marketing a total piece of cake.

Here’s our recipe for running a juicy affiliate program:

Rule #1: Make it easy for affiliates to sign up.
Rule #2: Make it dead-simple for affiliates to get tracking codes and advertising graphics/banners.
Rule #3: Provide an easy-to-use affiliate center which reinforces YOUR brand. (Not the type of affiliate software you use.)
Rule #4: Run an SEO-friendly affiliate program that boosts your search engine rankings.
Rule #5: Make social sharing easy with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Unfortunately, Infusionsoft misses all five rules! But jvJuice puts the ease in the squeeze.

If there is one underlying rule, it’s this– KISS (Keep it simple, stupid!) That is, keep it simple for your affiliates. We keep it simple for everyone:

  • You can run your affiliate program hands-free (or hands-on if you wish)
  • Affiliates can self-register directly from your website
  • You can queue affiliates for approval or automatically approve affiliates for designated affiliate programs
  • Affiliates can get links, download banners, logos and access your custom media
  • Affiliates can automatically request lost/forgotten passwords
  • You can promote YOUR company’s branding in the affiliate center (not Infusionsoft’s)
  • You can run SEO-friendly affiliate links. Increase your search engine rankings while your affiliates help you make sales. (If it works for Amazon.com, shouldn’t you be doing it, too?)

Done right, affiliate marketing and management will spiral you to the top of your game quickly– without the fanfare and fuss.

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